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Grazing Tables

Grazing Tables

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*Request 2+ weeks advanced notice, (the sooner the better!) 



Looking to serve a group of 30 people or more? Want the OhMyBoard WOW factor? Look no further!  Whether you are celebrating a wedding, shower, corporate gig, or a large scale event, we've got you covered!

Grazing tables are the perfect addition to your event that will have people talking!  

What will my grazing table have on it, you ask?

  • Artisan cheeses
  • Gourmet cured meats
  • Fresh fruit and veggies
  • Jams, hummus, honey (compotes, bruschetta's, tapenades, dips - on request)
  • Dried fruit
  • Mixture of nuts (allergies permitted)
  • Caprese skewers
  • Crackers, breadsticks, fresh bread/baguettes
  • Fresh flowers, greenery
  • Risers, bowls, baskets, and other accessories to elevate your table!

Elevated Grazing Table - (made on a flat surface/table/countertop with tiers, bowls, stands, and other equipment) - starts at $1000 feeds 40-50 people (6'x3' table), then, $20 per person beyond.  Equipment is rented and must be returned & picked up the following day.  

Flat Lay Graze - (made on a flat surface, no levels, no equipment) - starts at $650 feeds 30-40 people (4’x3’ table top), then, $18 per person beyond.  No equipment makes for easy clean up!  (that means, YOU provide table/counter space and linens)

Mini Graze(made on flat surface, no levels, no equipment)  $450 feeds 25 people (18"x 36’ table top).  No equipment, makes for easy clean up!  (that means, YOU provide table/counter space and linens)

Built on-site.  1.5-2 hours prior to the event.

All grazing tables come with bamboo & plastic tongs, and bamboo/wooden spatulas.

Price includes set-up and take-down, driving time, florals/greenery.

**18% gratuity + taxes 

***Things to consider when ordering a Grazing Table:

  • Do I have a theme to my party/grazing table?
  • Do I have the physical space for a 6 foot table or larger? Do I want it on my counter-top?
  • If the grazing table is outside, do I have any overhead covering (umbrella, pop-up)for the grazing table in case it gets too hot (we ARE in San Diego and we don't want sweaty cheese and meats).  We will NOT do any grazes in direct sunlight. Ever. 
  • Do I want all meat-n-cheese?
  • Do I want some fruit-n-veg?
  • Do I want any desserts?  If so, what kind?
  • What color scheme do I want?
  • What kind of florals/greenery do I want? 
  • Any allergies or dietary restrictions I need to be concerned about? 
  • Does the grazing table need to be kid-friendly? 
  • Is there anything I DO NOT WANT on my grazing table? 
  • Do I want an "elevated" table using tiers, boards, bowls, etc?
  • Do I want a "flat lay" table?       
  • Do I need OhMyBoard to supply plates/utensils? (for addtl fee) 
  • We are happy to incorporate your personal items (tiers, bowls, knick knacks) if asked.
  • ***18% gratuity added to ALL grazing tables***

 **Custom packages** All grazing tables can be customized by request.  For example: dessert, breakfast, brunch, holiday themed, wedding, shower, vegetarian, etc. *Pricing Varies*


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